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We have received many inquiries in the past couple of weeks asking how the discontinuation of the Intuit Sync Manager will affect OpenSync. The short answer is not at all.

OpenSync provides an alternative to the Intuit Sync Manager and several years ago we actually had discussions with Intuit regarding using our technology to implement the Sync Manager. Unfortunately, Intuit went down their own path and developed a product that was never really reliable. We like to think that had they used our technology, Sync Manager would be a mature and stable product today that could serve customers’ needs for years to come.

OpenSync talks directly to the QuickBooks XML API which is also used by several internal Intuit applications and thousands of third party applications. We cannot envision Intuit discontinuing support for this API as long as they are supporting the desktop version of QuickBooks.

Over the years we have invested many man-years into the development of our OpenSync product and believe it is the best solution on the market for replication of QuickBooks data to Access, MSSQL, MySQL, and Oracle databases. We look forward to supporting and enhancing this product for many years to come.