Need help?

Something not working as it should? Help files insufficient? Think you found a bug? We offer as much support as we can and provide it as promptly as possible. Listed below are a few of the support channels we offer.


Looking for something a little more instant?

For a paltry sum you'll enjoy priority support on our forums. Responses to any new topics you leave on our forums during business hours (and if you're nice maybe on the weekend as well) will take precedence over any outstanding support issues from non-priority members. The bottom line, is that you'll always be at the front of it.

Interested in an email support subscription?

For a more significant sum, we'll supply you with a super secret email address so Synergration support techs can be at your beck and call - well, beck and email anyway. Priority email access lasts for one whole roman calendar year.

Need instant help over the phone?

We offer premium paid phone support on a per-incident basis. We promise to resolve your issue if within the realm of possibility. In the (rare) instance the issue at hand turns out to be a bug in our software the cost is double. We kid. You'll be thanked for you fortitude and credited immediately.