OpenSync 3.0 Oracle

OpenSync 3.0 Oracle


OpenSync is a server based QuickBooks integration designed to perform a QuickBooks sync to and from an external database including Microsoft Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Azure, or Oracle.  This provides a platform for building highly scalable applications that integrate with QuickBooks.  Applications for this replication engine include web site integration, custom report generation and publishing, time tracking applications and Microsoft SharePoint integration.

Click here for a brief video demonstration.

Click here for downloadable help documentation.

If you want to get a feel for the database that OpenSync creates and maintains for you, click here to download a populated sample database (in Microsoft Access .MDB format).

Contact us regarding embedded licensing programs in order to bundle OpenSync with your application.

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  • New to 3.0: Database schema now includes a sequence number field for all line item tables
  • New to 3.0: Database schema now includes a field call UserData which is preserved across update operations
  • New to 3.0: The configuration program now preserves the state of the tree view.
  • New to 3.0: The location of all configuration data has been changed to more accessible location
  • New to 3.0: Database schema has been modified to support fully typed columns and primary keys
  • Full QuickBooks 2018 Support
  • Bi-directional QuickBooks Synchronization
  • Automated Memorized Report Extraction to Database Tables
  • Synchronize with MS Access, Microsoft SQLServer, MySQL, and Oracle databases
  • Sync multiple QuickBooks files to individual databases
  • Automated background operation
  • Robust diagnostics and support services
  • Easy to use wizard interface for configuration
  • Integrated database browser
  • An effortless QODBC alternative
  • Import transactions into QuickBooks with ease
  • Now with Microsoft Azure support!   |   See details

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Product Description

Bi-directional QuickBooks Sync Made Easy

With the OpenSync QuickBooks sync solution, you can avoid the overhead of learning the QuickBooks API and use standard database tools to read and update QuickBooks data. Performance bottlenecks inherent in the QuickBooks QODBC driver and the QuickBooks Web Connector are eliminated since the sync technology enables you to run your application against a true database server. Forget about import and export tools, OpenSync provides near real time database synchronization with QuickBooks.

It also provides the ability to perform a QuickBooks sync with multiple company files with multiple external Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and now Microsoft Azure databases. Changes made in QuickBooks are automatically synchronized to the external database and changes marked in the database are automatically synchronized back to QuickBooks. In addition, memorized reports can be scheduled for automatic extraction to database tables.

OpenSync defines three fundamental concepts to support its operation. These are company files, databases, and tasks. Company files are QuickBooks company files and these must be configured within OpenSync. Databases are either Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, or Microsoft Azure databases loaded with the OpenSync schema. A task is the fundamental unit of work. Each task defines a company file, a database, an operation, and scheduling information. OpenSync’s sync operation is defined by the configured tasks.

QuickBooks sync tasks can be run either interactively through the OpenSync configuration program or in the background by the OpenSync background processing service. The OpenSync service can be configured to run even without having to log on to the machine and can be controlled through the configuration program.

Release Notes

Click here for a brief video demonstration.

If you want to get a feel for the database that OpenSync creates and maintains for you, click here to download a populated sample database (in Microsoft Access .MDB format).

Note: If you’re having issues syncing data back to QuickBooks, make sure the STATUS column of your parent record is set to ADD or UPDATE.

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99.5% of the time it’s because you didn’t set the STATUS column to ADD or UPDATE. The former is for creating new records in QuickBooks the latter for modifying existing.
Yes, by configuring the OpenSync service to run at system startup there is no need to have a user logged onto the server.
Yes, OpenSync support the Canadian, UK, and Australian versions of QuickBooks.
Yes. OpenSync only requires an ODBC connection to the database server.
This indicates that you do not have the ODBC driver for your database server installed.
Yes, as long as you can establish an ODBC connection to the database server OpenSync will work with it.
Absolutely. A help doc is packaged with the application however you can also view an updated PDF of it here
Absolutely. OpenSync is not a service. It is a standalone application that you install on any PC with a QuickBooks installation and let it sync away.
Nope. You can install OpenSync on any PC with a QuickBooks installation. It doesn’t require any advanced technical know-how beyond the ability to log into a SQL database server – assuming you’re not using MS Access.

In short, it will create a database in any of the supported formats, flush with every field and tables the API currently provides access to, and then export any and all data you specify to it. Then, on an interval you designate, it will synchronize with QuickBooks to ensure all data is current. In the event that you add or modify data in the database, that information in QuickBooks will be created or updated respectively. It’s just that simple.


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