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While you should know what side of the fence we come down on, occasionally we get asked what the differences are between QuickBooks and Quicken. In our experience, Quicken should be used to manage your personal finances whereas the robust, market-leading QuickBooks accounting software should be handling your business books. Consequently Intuit suggests a primary variance is in the nomenclature:

Quicken uses terms familiar to anyone who has used a checkbook. QuickBooks uses a few terms that are standard in business bookkeeping and terms that reflect the increased power and convenience of QuickBooks for business.

Secondary to that however, the sheer volume of additional functionality available to you in QuickBooks is staggering – a key point being the open API of QuickBooks and the plethora of QuickBooks apps that are available to you to extend and enhance your QuickBooks experience. For those still on the fence the table below will enumerate the the feature sets of both Intuit offerings so you can quickly and easily make the correct decision.

Quicken Vs QuickBooks – The Showdown
Use Synergration QuickBooks AppsYes
Manages personal financesYesYes
Intuit App Center SupportYes
Pay bills onlineYesYes
Download banking into softwareYesYes
Make transfers onlineYesYes
Balance your checkbooksYesYes
Create budgets reports and graphsYesYes
Plan for retirementYes
Find tax deductionsYesYes
Assists with investments and taxesYes
Creates estimates and invoicesYesYes
Generates business reports & graphsYesYes
Tracks vehicle mileageYes
Tracks multiple jobs per customerYes
Monitors unpaid invoicesYes
Track accounts payable & reimbursableYes
Tracks business sales taxYes
Create a business planYes
Journal entry options for double entryYes
Create a forecastYes
Track sales ordersYes
Track inventoriesYes
Manage payroll and taxesYes
Remote accessYes
Forms for invoices etcYes
Time trackingYes
Integrates with Word, Excel, Outlook and ACTYes
Job costingYes
Customized price levelsYes
Track income/expenses by classYes
Create purchase ordersYes

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