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If you’re reading this then you’ve undoubtedly began to wade into the morass that is QBXML and/or endure the trials and tribulations of the QuickBooks Web Connector that volleys your critical data back and forth between QuickBooks and your burgeoning QuickBooks-integrated application.

As you’re assuredly beginning to realize the learning curve to successfully integrate your application with QuickBooks desktop data can be Everest-like to the beginner or novice developer.  Not only to you need to account for parsing and formatting the arcane XML flying back and forth but you need to manage and manipulate secure connections to QBWC and familiarize yourself with QuickBooks nomenclature and business rules.

For those that simply can’t afford the significant financial or opportunity (time) cost of such an arduous QuickBooks implementation, straightforward QuickBooks export tools such as AccessBooks RealTime,  QuickBooks import solutions like AccessBooks Updater, or a full bi-directional QuickBooks sync solution like OpenSync could be the means to get you to market quickly and affordably.

What all three of these tools do is ensure the QuickBooks data that you need is safely and seamlessly ported into a familiar and flexible MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, or even Microsoft Access database.  We completely eliminate the need to learn the QBXML specification so you can concentrate on architecting the front end – leave the back to us.

Our flagship solution OpenSync is a complete, bi-directional, database replication engine that users of your application can install and ignore as it will transparently and securely synchronize all QuickBooks data up to your application’s database in the cloud.

Like all of our QuickBooks apps and QuickBooks API tools, fully functional free trials are available so don’t take our word for it.  Download a trial and get started now.

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