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We live in a mobile, interconnected world and we’ve grown to expect our information to be almost omnipresent – available anytime, anywhere. With around 4 million QuickBooks users trusting Intuit’s flagship product to help steer their business to profitability the need for remote access in the small business sector is alive now more than ever.

While Intuit does provide indirect solutions for QuickBooks remote access such as their watered-down offering QuickBooks Online and remote access add-on solutions available via the Intuit Marketplace they tend to fall short in terms of usability and features.

For those meat and potatoes folks who care not about the bells and whistles and seek a straightforward, reliable, and seamless way to view the raw – and live – QuickBooks data at the drop of a hat, OpenSync may be the solution they are looking for.

OpenSync is a QuickBooks sync solution designed to perform QuickBooks data synchronization to and from an external database including Microsoft Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle. This provides a dynamic platform for building highly scalable applications that integrate with QuickBooks. Applications for this replication engine include web site integration, custom report generation and publishing, time tracking applications and Microsoft SharePoint integration – the options are limited only by your imagination.

OpenSync is available as a fully-functional free 30-day trial. Take it for a spin. Enjoy Quickbooks remote access to your data now, anywhere you can ping a run-of-the-mill SQL database.

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