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Having been in the QuickBooks integration biz for over a decade now we’ve seen and dealt with a lot of things in the customer complaint department.  Without question though, one of the largest and most common issues – especially in the multi-user environment – stems from user permission errors.  While stumbling through the Twitters the other night I came across this gem of an article by Nancy Smyth of Sunburst Software Solutions  that – frankly – we should’ve taken the time to put together years ago.  Kudos to her.

I’ll just single out one key point from the article that definitely bears repeating:

QuickBooks 3rd party apps MUST be installed from within the Windows Standard User Account (QuickBooks has to be as well). Don’t be mad at the 3rd party developer, it’s a Microsoft “best practice” AND a requirement by the Intuit Developer Network, which created the QuickBooks SDK (Software Development Kit) that 3rd party developers use to write their programs that work with the desktop version.

Here’s a link to the full article guest posted on Nerd Enteprises – another website chock-full of valuable QuickBooks-related info.

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