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    Google allows to recover the files in limited time only if the Google Drive account is being used as a consumer account which signifies that Google drive account must not belong to any work, any other group or school. However, you can contact the customer care of google drive to seek the Google Recovery help. The Google drive experts at customer care are technically sound and thus, they are able to resolve the issue fast.
    A user can seek the help to resolve the other issues also:
    1. Google drive not opening up so you can follow solution here https // help.
    2. Issues in uploading or downloading the Google drive files.
    3. Issues with file or document syncing.
    4. Access to Google drive accounts has been blocked
    5. Google drive closes unexpectedly i.e. Google drive crashes.
    6. Google drive not opening up at all.
    7. Google drive not getting updated. There could issue regarding update, each time you wish to update the google drive but it shows the error, however, all other apps get updated easily.
    There could be some other Google drive related issues for which a user seeks the Google recovery help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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