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    Mark Gross

    Regardless of if I select all users or Just me on install of version 3, configuration files are put in the same place.

    That means that the configuration I set up can’t be viewed by the other system administrator, because it is in my c:\users\[me]\AppData\local\Synergration, while when he tries to use OpenSync, it looks in
    his c:\users\[him]\AppData\local\Synergration folder.

    in Version 2, configuration is shared in c:\Program Files\…, but Version 3 seems to have destroyed the ability to collaborate by default.

    I’ve seen a couple workarounds in the forums, such as having an OpenSync.ini or synerg.ini to point to a common directory location, but so far I haven’t been able to find one that works.

    Is this something that has a standard fix?

    I am running OpenSync v3.0.17 on Windows Server 2012.

    thank you.


    Yudel Rosales

    Configuration file is not link with “all user” or “just me”, that mean that you are installing the OpenSync for all user to have access to it or just you. Because if you have a guess user and you don’t want that user to have access to OpenSync, so you install selecting the option “just me”.

    Windows has update and windows doesn’t allow us t write on program data anymore. There is no work around for that. Each user has to have its configuration file. The good thing it that you can set it up on one user and the others can import the configuration file.

    I hope I answered your question.

    Best Regards,



    Hi Yudel,
    We have one common user called “opensync” shared by all of our team. Opensync has created over 20 OSConfig.xml files for this one user.

    We have tried removing the program and deleting all synergration folders then re-installing Opensync and still over 20 OSConfig.xml files are created for this one user.

    How do we identify which OSConfig.xml file is the correct file to edit?

    We have posted separately on this just now but have since seen this related post:

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