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    Chris Olson


    We are testing a proof of concept and running into a problem from the start. Here is how to repeat.

    Create Sales Order with 1 line item with Qty of 1.
    Invoice entire qty Sales Order.
    Save an Invoice variable which syncs to invoice.CustomField14 variable.

    Sync via OpenSync from QB to MySQL.

    Alter invoice.CustomField14 variable on MySQL.
    Update Status column to ‘Update’.

    Run OpenSync job to update invoice table data to Quickbooks.

    new Invoice Variable from invoice.customfield14 is successfully pushed to QB.

    However: within QB, the Sales Order becomes delinked from the Invoice and shows 0 qty invoiced and shows as Sales Order open.

    Is this a known issue? Is there some fix I am missing?

    I am using version 3.0.28 of OpenSync and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 19.0 Release R11P.


    Yudel Rosales

    Supported Fields

    -SalesOrder Table

    BillAddress Fields
    Class ListID or FullName
    Customer ListID or FullName (Required)
    SalesTaxCode ListID or FullName
    SalesTaxItem ListID or FullName
    ShipAddress Fields
    TxnID (Required) – Links with IDKEY in SalesOrderLineDetail table

    -SalesOrderLineDetail Table

    Class ListID or FullName
    IDKEY (Required) – Links with TxnID in Invoice table
    Item ListID or FullName (Required)
    SalesTaxCode ListID or FullName


    Chris Olson

    Hi Yudel,

    Thanks for pointing me to the manual. I should have started there!

    So, I ensured that we are performing this operation on only a supported field. Namely, I have attempted to push a change to one field only: invoice.PONumber.

    Pushing this change to QB still broke the linkage between the Invoice and the Sales Order, resulting in the Sales Order showing as open.

    Invoice.PONumber is shown as a supported field, so I am disappointed that this still results in a broken linkage!!

    Is there some fix for this? Is this a known issue? I’d be happy to take a video documenting this very simple operational test and show the linkage being broken in realtime within the sales order.


    Yudel Rosales

    When you are pushing the PONumber to QuickBooks belong to an Invoice or belong to an estimate that you want to convert to an Invoice? Let me know please


    Chris Olson

    Hi Yudel,

    It is a user-editable standard invoice field. Shows up as invoice.PONumber in the database when populated from OpenSync. It is not linked to any entity and exists only as a VARCHAR entry in the invoice table.

    Attached is how you see it named amongst fields in the ‘customize data layout’ screen on the invoice in QB.

    All I was trying to do was push data into that specific field on the invoice. Data type and length was fully supported when testing directly in the QB interface. But when OpenSync pushes to the invoice is destroys the link to the sales order that existed for that Invoice.

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    Yudel Rosales

    I emailed you.

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