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    We’re having major problems getting tech support from you. We’ve emailed and got no response.

    We paid for support, this is very frustrating not getting a response.

    I spent the better part of a day (Dec 31) trying to post an new message and kept getting the same problem. The page would just reload and no error would display.

    I emailed and there has been no reply.


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    It looks like we are finally able to post. It looks like there was a problem with your system last week.

    Here’s a screen capture of the problem on the forum:


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    Here is the issue we had where we were unable to log in:

    We waited 30 minutes, 1 hour… etc between logins and the system still did not log us in.



    From Mark:

    We are unable to post the log of what we are having problems with. The messageboard is blocking the post.

    Here’s a link to the problem:


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    Hello?? Anyone home?

    We paid for support. Can we get help?


    You cannot post code on the forum page.


    Supported Fields

    -Invoice Table

    ARAccount ListID or FullName (Required)
    BillAddress Fields
    Class ListID or FullName
    Customer ListID or FullName (Required)
    SalesTaxCode ListID or FullName
    SalesTaxItem ListID or FullName
    ShipAddress Fields
    TxnID (Required) – Links with IDKEY in InvoiceLineDetail table

    -InvoiceLineDetail Table

    Class ListID or FullName
    IDKEY (Required) – Links with TxnID in Invoice table
    Item ListID or FullName (Required)
    SalesTaxCode ListID or FullName


    Note: If you wish to apply your receive payment to a specific transaction you will have to have the TxnID of the transaction you wish to apply the payment to. This can be achieved one of two ways:

    By initially creating the transaction using ABU (as opposed to using the QuickBooks user interface).
    By using OpenSync or AccessBooks RealTime to extract your transaction data and their corresponding TxnID’s.
    The alternative is to apply the receive payment to the oldest unpaid transactions for that customer. This does not require the extraction of the specific transaction ID’s and can be performed by entering “APPLYALL” in the EditSequence field.

    Supported Fields

    – ReceivePayment Table

    ARAccount ListID or FullName
    Customer ListID or FullName (Required)
    DepositToAccount ListID or FullName
    TxnID (Required) – Links to IDKEY from AppliedToTxn table
    PaymentMethod ListID or FullName

    – AppliedToTxn Table

    You should only have to populate the IDKEY field as all the fields in this table are transactions which already exist in QuickBooks.

    DiscountAccount ListID or FullName
    IDKEY (Required) – Links to TxnID from BillPaymentCheck or CreditCard table.


    I don’t see that you paid for support. Can you provide the order number in order to update your status please?


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    Hi Yudel,

    I sincerely apologize… I found the order for the original software and we actually never upgraded to the forums support. What stuck in my mind was that we did pay for the software, and the support responses have always taken forever.

    It’s unfortunate that the forums software has problems with posting logs. It also has a problem where when you post something not allowed, it does not tell you what the problem is, and instead we are banned from logging into the forums for at least a day.

    You can see this from the screencast captures that I posted. When you write a message where there are disallowed characters, the page just reloads and does nothing to indicate there is a problem.

    After trying to post the log files, we were unable to log into the forums. This I think is a major problem that will probably be affecting other users as well.

    We will be upgrading our support level shortly.



    I am having the same issue. I try to post to the message board, but the posts do not show up. I have tried 3 times to post to support. I just purchased OpenSync 3.0, and am having errors when I try to open the software.


    Can you post an screenshot of the error please?


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    There is no error displayed. That’s one of the issues.

    You have to open up developer mode in your web browser and look at the http post result to get the error.

    I’ll try and reproduce the issue.


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    Try this:

    Visit the error log paste I posted earlier:

    Copy this entire text, and try and post this as a message board response.

    The forum will just reload the page and then not show any error whatsoever. If you post three times, then the site will ban you and you are unable to post and unable to log back in for at least 24 hours.

    This is really not good!


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    Send me a private message when you can do a screen share with me and see my screen, so that I can show you the issue with the messageboard.

    There is multiple problems with the site, including also not being able to upload images and/or screenshots.

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