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    I have submitted the Diagnostics via the Help menu around 10:30pm Eastern Time.

    Using OpenSync 3.0.28 to try to load a brand-new SQL 2017 Express db on my client’s test server to verify all is good before we migrate from MS Access. I had a number of problems with the initial SQL db so I thought I would start over.

    I loaded a few incidental tables with no problem (class, Employee, price level, terms, etc), then loaded the itemservice table with no problems. But when I tried to load the customer table, I got the The ticket parameter is invalid error.

    The tasks are being run manually, so there shouldn’t be a timing problem. This same task ran fine a couple of weeks ago on the first test db. And the QB Company file is a snapshot, so there have been NO edits to any of the data other than timetracking.

    You guys were gracious enough to extend my eval copy once already, and I’ve only got until 10/1 to get this running before the timer runs out again.

    Any suggestions as to where to start looking?

    Thanks, Rich p

    p.s. As I was writing this, I was also trying to run a task to initially load the timetracking table. It just failed with a different error: Failed: Object variable or With block variable not set:91

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