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    Dan Jeppson

    We’re running under Terminal Services, and although I’ve searched the forums, I’m not able to find a definitive thread that helps with strategy on setting up OpenSync to run in our environment.

    We were fairly stable until we upgraded to QB 2018–now things don’t behave as well. I’ve tried fixes and ideas from lots of threads on the forum, but most of the articles are years old. There are lots of links to a broken thread on WebExpert that no longer works–this article was helpful previously:

    Is there a thread that explicitly talks about challenges with version 3.0 and QuickBooks 2018? (Or even a thread that details steps, troubleshooting, etc. for running OpenSync in a TS environment?)



    What is the issue that you are having?


    Dan Jeppson

    General instability. Not able to log into QuickBooks. On this board, there are lots of little hints in many messages. Many contradict the help file. Where is the definitive “this is how you do it” from Synergration?

    When we ran into trouble before, this link helped, but it’s now gone:


    The different of running OpenSync on a terminal server are:
    You have to check the terminal server patches: on the main windows go to File->Options->Enable Terminal Server Patches.
    You cannot have QuickBooks opened. Because OpenSync will open it and close it as its needs it.

    I hope this helpfull
    Best Regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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