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    We run a series of OpenSync tasks by calling them from Win 10 Task Scheduler which calls individual DOS batch files for each job. The output for each batch file is redirected to a logging file so we can go back and see when a job ran and how long it took, etc.

    We are running OS 3.0.28 on a Windows 10 Pro machine. The data is stored in SQL Express 2017. And we are running QP Ent Prof Serv 18.0.

    An excerpt from one of the batch files looks like this:

    @echo off
    for /f “tokens=1-2*” %%t in (‘time /t’) do set shorttime=%%t%%u
    echo %date:~-4,4%%date:~-10,2%%date:~-7,2%_%shorttime% Start Sched Refresh – 05 – Invoice

    taskkill /IM QBW32.exe /FI “STATUS eq RUNNING” /T /F

    cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\Synergration\OpenSync”
    osrun.exe Sched Refresh – 05 – Invoice

    When the line osrun.exe Sched Refresh – 05 – Invoice is invoked, we are starting to see strange characters in the log files.

    Normally, we would expect to see something like this:
    Running task: Sched Populate – 00 – Minor Tables
    Table: Job Type
    Table: Price Level
    Table: Ship Method
    Table: Terms Complete

    But instead, we are seeing this:
    Table: Job Type 17%17%
    Table: Price Level 3% 3% 35%35%68%68%100100
    Table: Ship Method 20%20%
    Table: Terms 9% 9% 100100

    The latest job I ran only refreshed the Invoice table and the log file had over 50,000 garbage characters entered after the table name.

    Anybody else seeing this? Any ideas what is causing it?

    Rich P

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