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    Trying to create a new customer using the following code from CoreObjX Customers Documentation:

    qbcustomer = conn.Company.Customers.Add(customer.FirstName);

    I immediately get the error message ‘Specified cast is not valid.’. customer.FirstName is a string. It gives me the same error if I just hardcode a string value “New customer name”.

    Please provide some feedback as to why this might be happening, thanks.


    Yudel Rosales

    This is vb.net sample:

    You will need to create a new reference to the connection
    Dim qb As New CoreObjX80.QBConnection()

    Create an object:
    Dim mCust As CoreObjX70.Customer

    Assign value to the customer’s fields:

    qb.Company.Customers.Rename(mCust, txtName.Text) //this will create a full name which is the only
    //required field to add a customer
    mCust.CompanyName = txtCompanyName.Text
    mCust.FirstName = txtfirstName.Text
    mCust.LastName = txtlastName.Text
    mCust.Phone = txtPhone.Text
    mCust.BillTo.Line1 = txtBillto1.Text
    mCust.BillTo.Line2 = txtBillto2.Text
    mCust.BillTo.City = txtBilltoCity.Text
    mCust.BillTo.State = txtBilltoState.Text
    mCust.BillTo.PostalCode = txtBilltoZip.Text
    mCust.Email = txtEmail.Text

    Finally: commit the new customer:

    Dim oErr As CoreObjX70.qcError
    Dim s As String
    If mCust Is Nothing Then Exit Sub

    On Error GoTo erh
    MsgBox(mCust.Name & ” added successfully.”)
    Exit Sub
    For Each oErr In mCust.Errors
    s = s & oErr.Description & vbCrLf
    MsgBox(Err.Description & vbCrLf & s)



    Yudel, thank you for the reply!

    However, I was already aware of that vb example, and unfortunately it doesn’t help in my case.

    As I said in the OP, I am using the documentation provided here (https://help.synergration.com/latest/coreobjx/customers) for c#.

    The initial Add() is not taking a string passed to it. I can’t set the FirstName property directly because it is readonly.

    qbcustomer.FullName = “This won’t work!”;

    It seems the only way to create a new customer is using Add():

    qb.Company.Customers.Add(“This should work, but it isn’t!”);

    Is it possible to get one of the developers to comment?


    I don’t know if it helps, but here is something I tried:

    CoreObjX80.Customer qbcustomer = new CoreObjX80.Customer(); ==> Results in this error message:

    “Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {915B0130-FEAE-4DCF-94D5-D066092626C1} failed due to the following error: 80040154 Class not registered (0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)).”

    My project targets x86 already, so that isn’t the issue.

    Is something wrong with my install?



    Ok, so I uninstalled all Synergration applications on my development box… OpenSync, CoreObjX80 / CoreObjXDB80. Rebooted, and installed just OpenSync 3.0.28 and used the CoreObjX80.dll from that installation.

    I believe I have gotten past the above issue. Of course, as seems to be the case using this library, I’m having a new issue…. but I’m working through it so far with the help of this post: https://synergration.com/forums/topic/error-on-commit/

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