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    In the past we were able to populate the sequence number (SeqNum) from the quickbooks line item tables estimatelinedetail, invoicelinedetail, into the database. It has suddenly stopped working. When will it be working again?

    It is very important for our business. I have opened two issues with the same topic as I do not get timely answers to my replies. We are using Opensync 3.0 and QuickBooks Enterprise 17

    FROM YOIR WEBSITE under features to the OpenSync 3.0

    New to 3.0: Database schema now includes a sequence number field for all line item tables field exists in QuickBooks


    Yudel Rosales

    That is what I am saying. It is a new field, how is it possible that was working before? The other topic is the same issue. I thing you only need one topic per issue. We have 24 hours after your make a post to answer it. Can you tell me on QuickBooks where is that field is please?


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    We have had the OpenSync3.0 for a while. We purchased it on November 15 2018. It originally was populating the SeqNum field which is the last field in the OS database in estimatelinedetail table. I think when you did the update to handle QuickBooks Enterprise 18, that QuickBooks Enterprise 17 integration stopped working for this particular field. If you go into the tool and click on a database, then browse the database and go to the estimate folder, then the estimatelinedetail table and scroll all the way to the right, you will see a field called SeqNum. This is the sequence number which tracks the relative location of the entry in a document like an invoice or an estimate. This field is important in keeping the same order in reporting as the document in QuickBooks. We want to produce reports where the first item on an estimate is the first item in the report etc. This field is now null in our database. Prior to your most recent release it was being populated with the QuickBooks Sequence Number.

    Would you please let us know how we can fix this problem. We are willing to upgrade to a different version of Quickbooks if this helps.

    The order number was 64587. I have attached a screenshot of the DB detail.

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    We are having the same problem with the SeqNum column in the invoicelinedetail table. Data in the SeqNum column is now NULL and no longer keeps track of the line sequences on our invoices. When we use OpenSync3.0, the line order is now messed up and our customers are getting confusing invoices. Please fix this ASAP.


    Yudel Rosales

    You have it working, then stop working and we haven’t released an update, so it is something on QuickBooks or your database. I cannot fix something that is not broken. We need to figure out what is happening there. Did you update your QuickBooks?


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    Hi Yudel,

    Quickbooks is still Enterprise version 2017. I have not updated it to 2018 or 2019 because I didn’t want to risk something not working correctly.

    I was thinking that we may want to delete the integration in QuickBooks, uninstall OpenSync 3.0 and then reinstall OpenSync 3.0. Do you think that would work?

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