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    Hey Guys,
    Today Qbooks did a new update which im not sure – how it affects the tables and open sync.
    Its called “SDK App Authorization” . picture attached.
    It then proceeded to ask “Yes” or “No” to the following ..

    Because this access (Open Sync) has been granted , Quickbooks will store your credentials IN AN EXTERNAL SECURE FILE OUTSIDE THE COMPANY FILE.

    1) Not sure what this means, credentials as in logins?
    2) Does this change/ affect the OpenSync Table structure?
    3) if so, how ? cause we have a large amount of programming done based on the stable opensync table structure.

    Tom, any thoughts , feedback….?

    Heres more about SDK APP Authorization

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    Yudel Rosales

    We don’t access to your credit card information. So, that is no an issue. Also, in order to run OpenSync automatically, you will have to grand that access to open the company file without being logged in. It does not affect table structure.
    Best Regards,

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