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    I’m looking for the RefNumber column in the SalesOrderLineDetail or InvoiceLineDetail. This RefNumber is available in the parent table (SalesOrder or Invoice) but not in the children table.
    In order to query filter by RefNumber in the LineDetail table, I have to inner join the children with the parent table.

    Please confirm that.
    Should you put RefNumber column in the LineDetail table too so I don’t have to inner join?



    Also, how to fetch the Open Invoices Report? I select Customers & Receivables –> Open Invoices
    Set date range: Today, Report Open Balance as of: Today, Report Basis: default, Detail Level: All Except Summary.

    After fetch, MySQL shows all the pending invoices that are not paid. Because it’s pending invoice, it won’t be paid. And those shouldn’t be on the Open Invoices report.

    Not sure how to configure to get the same Open Invoices from Quickbooks.



    I have found how to elimiate the non posting invoices in the Open Invoices report, by filtering transactions by “Posting Status Filter” = “Posting”

    The funny thing is although the configuration of the task is saved, whenever I go back to look at the task configuration, it’s always inverted to the default settings.


    Yudel Rosales

    Parent and children are connected through IDKEY field. Parent table TxnID or ListID will be saved in IDKEY field in the child table.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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