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    I periodically get this error when running OpenSync. The problem goes away after I log in to QuickBooks on the machine running OpenSync. This makes it impossible to use the OpenSync scheduler reliably. Our QuickBooks license is not expired.

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    Which version of OpenSync and QuickBooks are you using? Can you sen the log file right after that error occurs.
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    OpenSync 3.0.25
    QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 – Professional Services


    Can you send the log files as soon as that windows pops up please?


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    It just happened again.

    Here are the last lines of the log files (OpenSync.Log and qbsdklog.txt)

    I logged in directly to QuickBooks using my own account and got the “Feature in use” message (see screen shot).


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    I am also having the same issue. Checking the recent logs it has occurred for me on 11/14, 11/29 and now today, 12/6. I have other third party apps access QuickBooks but do not have this issue with them.

    I am on OpenSync v3.0.25 and QuickBooks Enterprise 19. My logs look just like adams above.

    And before you suggest it I have already uninstalled and reinstalled OpenSync. I have also gone through the windows firewall config for QBs as suggested in this article: None of these have fixed the problem.

    The only way so far to stop this is once this occurs I have to open QuickBooks manually and run my task.

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