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    We recently upgraded our QuickBooks to QuickBooks Plus. Since that time, QB keeps closing itself (like every 5 minutes – really frustrating). Today I did a test. I closed OpenSync, then opened QB. Guess what? It’s been nearly an hour and QB has not closed. So, it seems there may be some connection between having both OS and QB open and running at the same time.

    Has anyone else encountered this issue? If so, how did you solve it?

    Also open to suggestions. Thanks!

    Frank Agin - AmSpirit


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    UPDATE: QB stayed open for over two hours. When I opened Open Sync, right away I got a message from QB that it could not open because the file was already open on another computer. Then QB closed. So there’s definitely something going on with having both programs open at the same time. Any guidance is much appreciated!

    Frank Agin - AmSpirit



    Hi Frank, I used to have similar issues myself. OpenSync would ‘crash’ quickbooks when it would be running transactions and other users were doing transactions or some process was locking tables in QB. In my particular instance it was also web connector that was locking tables / pushing data in QB and that also at times caused QB to close.

    Our office setup was a QB sitting on a server with Opensync (and web connector) on that same server. Employees had quickbooks on their desktop and would connect to the server over the network.

    In the past month I migrated everything to Azure (as many employees are working from home). I now have 1 server with QB, OpenSync and webconnector. I have created Remote Desktop Accounts on that same server and the employees are now logging into that server and use QuickBooks there, connecting directly to QuickBooks on the same server. The server has been up for a few weeks now and ALL process are running fine and MUCH faster, all employees say it’s fast now, no more locking up of transactions etc. In my case I think due to the network and locking of records / not releasing the locks quick enough it causes Quickbooks to shutdown / kill / quit / crash whatever you want to call it.

    Moving to Azure was not a small task – but if you have Quickbooks and Opensync running on a server like Windows Server 2016 / 2019, I can highly recommend trying out an RDP model where the users are using quickbooks directly ON the server and not from their desktops over the network. Licenses are cheap – and it solved our issue.

    Note that before the migration I was running QB on the fastest SSD’s, ridiculous amounts of memory and FAST processors (much faster compared to the offerings on Azure) – but qb and networking don’t go well IMO.

    Hope this helps. I’ve lived with the crashing of QB ever other day for 4 years, wish I would’ve done the migration sooner or had the wisdom at that time to have employees RDP into the local server and use QB directly on the server.


    Yudel Rosales

    If you are sinf==ding transaction to Quickbooks through the API, I will recommend not to be working on the transaction form on QuickBooks at the same time.

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