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    Johnna Kent

    In April 2018 we installed QBE18 and upgraded from OpenSync V2 to V3. We have had 2 issues since this upgrade:

    1. Data Type Mismatch for “quantity” in Sales Order VS Invoice Line Detail
    I noticed an earlier post where you confirmed that even though the quantity field on the salesorder line detail table is set to decimal, the invoice line detail table is set to integer. This has been causing us much headache the last few months (we are manually editing all of the invoices once they are imported into QB!). I could not tell from the post whether this is an issue you plan on fixing soon.
    Is it possible for us to just change the field definition in our table in the interim? Or will this cause the invoices to not import into QB at all? We frequently sell “1.5” hours and would like to continue using this field as a decimal and not integer.

    2. We EXPORT Sales Orders from QuickBooks(with OpenSyc) and then use a home grown billing system to create our invoices that are then Imported back into QuickBooks(with OpenSync). We then UPDATE (using Opensync) our Sales Order Memo field with the invoice number so our program knows this sales order has already been invoiced. This UPDATE will not work if the Sales Order Line Item Detail file is not in the correct sort order. We get error: “The item ‘WB1F1-1523023430’ is placed in the request in incorrect order.” We tried adding a key to the table to correct the sort order – but that didn’t work. Any suggestions for us here? We can see in the file that the detail lines are not in order and these are the salesorders that fail. But our billing program does not change the order of the records, this is how they are being exported from QBE!! We only add the memo field data and the status of “UPDATE” on the salesorder header record.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    Johnna Kent
    Georgia-Federal State Inspection Point Services


    Yudel Rosales

    When you upgrade to OpenSync v3 did you create a new database or you kept working with the old db? because We have that quantity as decimal

    Can you send me the log file for your second issue right after it happens please?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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