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    I generate an invoice using coreobjx based on an existing sales order

    Invoices.AutoGenerateInvoiceNumbers = True
    Set qbinvoice = Invoices.Add(qbHeader.CustomerRef_FullName)
    If qbinvoice Is Nothing Then
    MsgBox “Add method failed for ” & qbHeader.CustomerRef_FullName & “: ” & Invoices.Errors(1).Description
    qbinvoice.LinkedTxns.Add (strSOListID)

    Then I go into the invoice and make some changes. Most succeed. The one that doesn’t is a line item
    dropship:Testaddress with a descrption test of dropship
    I want to change the description to something else – test2
    but I get the error about problem parsing the provided xml stream when I try to commit. I have included
    the trace file.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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