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    I am new to Opensync and trying to figure it out. I have populated the OpenSync DB.
    My Company DB = Our Access database we use for our company
    OpenSync Db = the DB OpenSync created when I ran “Populate”

    If I understand the operations;
    Refresh-puts updated data from QB to OpenSync DB
    Update-moves data from “My Company DB” that has been put in the OpenSync DB into QB
    Refresh and Update-performs the refresh and then the update operations with certain rules to protect QB
    Refresh report-puts dsata from specific QB reports into the OpenSync DB

    If I am correct on the above info, here are my questions;
    How do I get the data from “My Company DB” into the OpenSync DB so I can run an operation to update QB? (Such as prepare an invoice and a bill or simply add a new Vendor)

    EX1: A new Vendor is added to our DB. I want to have the new Vendor added to QB. How is this done?
    EX2: Several “loads” in our DB are ready to be invoiced. I want to have the info taken from our DB and put into our invoice template in QB in a specific format and send it to the Client. Additionally, I need to create a bill to us to pay the Vendor at the same time.

    These are the 2 main reasons to use OpenSync. I could not find any help on anything on the Company side to OpenSync. Only found info for OpenSync to QB side.


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