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    I am having an issue where I update a PO and upon performing a ‘refresh and update’ the purchaseorderlinedetail.receivedquantity field is coming back from quickbooks set to 0 when there were previous receipts against this po line.

    In testing I simply set the purchaseorder.status field to UPDATE with no other changes so I am sure I am not changing this field at all.

    I had the issue using OpenSync 2.0 so I just purchased and upgraded to OpenSync 3.0 and have the exact same issue.

    What am I missing? I should be able to update a PO without losing the received quantity.


    Yudel Rosales

    To update a Purchase Order you have to enter (required fields); vendor ListID or FullName and TxnID (Links with IDKEY in PurchaseOrderLineDetail table) on PurchaseOrder table. And IDKEY (links with TxnID in PurchaseOrder table) and Item ListID or FullName on PurchaseOrderLineDetail Table. Can you make sure that you are entering those fields please?



    Yes I am able to create and update a PO and PO Lines. However what is happening is that if a receipt on a PO line is done in QuickBooks it updated the purchaseorderlinedetail.receivedquantity to the receipt qty…let say 3 of qty 10 ordered.

    Now if I do an update through OS…the purchaseorderlinedetail.receivedquantity field comes back from quickbooks as 0.

    My process
    1. Create PO with say 1 line with orderquantity = 10 – successful
    2. Receive against PO using QB UI. say I receive 3 of the 10
    3. If I run OS I can seein SQL table that purchaseorderlinedetail.receivedquantity = 3
    4. Set purchaseorder.status = ‘UPDATE’ but actually change nothing in purchaseorder or purchaseorderlinedetail tables…just the status field
    5. Run OS and when complete I can see in SQL table that purchaseorderlinedetail.receivedquantity = 0 and it should be 3 still.

    Now if I go into QuickBooks and pull up the PO or try a new receipt against this PO either will show 0 receipts.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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