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    While logged into QuickBooks as admin I was trying to add a new company to OpenSync and OpenSync kept re-opening QuickBooks as a secondary version. It took several attempts, including closing the secondary version, which didn’t work because QB opened it again, and closing the primary, which didn’t work either because the secondary version was made primary which then opened a secondary version. We finally somehow got OpenSync to connect to QuickBooks and I am not sure ultimately what was done to make the connection work. After connecting, it appears that we can run automated tasks well but if they are stopped we seem to loose our ability to connect to QuickBooks again to run further tasks and have to re-create the database and company to accomplish this, why is this happening? Also, Where in QuickBooks do you go to remove OpenSync authorization?


    Yudel Rosales

    That problem happened provably because QuickBooks and OpenSync weren’t running at the same level. You have to make sure that you are running both program at the same level. What I mean with this is if you running QuickBooks as admin user(windows admin user, not QuickBooks user), you have to run OpenSync as admin too. To remove the authorization go to: when you open the company file on QuickBooks Edit-> Preferences->Integrated Applications (On the left) -> Company Preferences (the tab on the top)-> Click on OpenSync and click on Remove button. Then You will be able to re-add the company file. I hope this fix the issue.
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