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    OpenSync (v3.0.18) sets the data type of the Quantity field in the invoicelinedetail table to int (SQL Server). In my humble opinion, that is a bad decision because many QB users invoice items in partial quantities. It should have been a decimal data type.

    So now I have a problem in that all the calculations and reports I generate from OpenSync invoice data are inaccurate. My plan is to change the data type of this field from int to decimal but then I need to repopulate all the data. Solvable but time consuming.



    I noticed that the Quantity field in the salesorderlinedetail table is set to decimal. That’s good.

    Invoices in QB are usually generated from Sales Orders so naturally the Quantity field in both of these tables should have been the same (decimal).


    Yudel Rosales

    That is correct. Thanks for the advise.



    OpenSync was working fine until a recent upgrade to v3.0.25. Some of our invoices use decimals in the quantity field. It appears that the quantity column in the invoicelinedetail table is an integer! An example of our problem is an invoice with qty=.5. OpenSync stored the value as -0-. That created a big problem because it was Qty .5 of a $10,000.00 invoice. This situation needs to be addressed ASAP. Quantity needs to be stored as a decimal.




    While we wait for them to fix this in their next release, you can just do what I did and change the data type of the quantity field yourself.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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