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    Nothing is more frustrating than getting a badge activated, a cup of hot coffee on my desk, and settling in to play a marathon session at Pogo when *thud*, a game won’t load. Here are three quick things you can try to see if you can get Pogo games loading again, and a resource at the bottom if these things don’t work for you. You don’t have to try these things in any particular order, but I do recommend trying to load the game again after each step just so you know what particular step worked.

    Also, if you do something different when a game doesn’t load, share it in a comment below. Your fellow Pogo fans would appreciate it!
    Click shift-refresh
    If you’ve clicked the “Start Game” button or chosen a room and nothing happens, try holding down your shift key while you refresh (reload) the page. Look for the reload/refresh icon on or near your browser’s address bar that looks like this: This will force your browser to ignore its cache and use the version of the page from Pogo’s web server.
    Clear your browser & tech caches
    First, clear your browser’s cache and restart your browser by closing it completely and relaunching it from the menu or icon.
    Then, you need to determine if it’s a Java game or a Flash game. You can find a list at BadgeHungry’s Ranks & Badges page. Then, clear the related cache:
    Clear cache for Java games
    Follow the instructions for your browser.
    Clear cache for Flash games Note: this page may take a while to load.
    The box on the page is interactive, not an image. Click on the “Delete all sites” button and confirm your choice.
    Try a different browser
    The three most popular browsers are Google Chrome*, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer, and there are also lots of alternative browsers that can be found by searching the web.
    If you’re using Internet Explorer and Java games won’t load, it’s because the recent version of Java is not playing nicely with IE. Pogo recommends you either use Firefox or this workaround.
    *Google Chrome will not play Java games. Microsoft Edge, the browser that comes with Windows 10, will not play Java games at all.
    What next?
    If you’ve tried these simple things and your game still won’t load, you may need to perform some more in-depth tasks like updating your version of Flash or Java. Depending upon the type of game you’re trying to load (Flash or Java, see details under “Clear your browser & tech caches” above), you can take a look at Pogo help’s Flash guide and Java guide to get started.
    What do you do when a Pogo game won’t load for you? Help out your fellow Pogo fans and share your step-by-step in a comment below. Thanks in advance!

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