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    We have many QB files we run Refreshes nightly using the background task OSRunner. We have OSRunner on a Windows Task Scheduler to Start after a Windows Server restart. I can confirm that the OSRunner is running after a Windows Server restart. But it fails to run the pending tasks at their next start times.

    If I go to the OpenSync Configuration Panel, Home: Service Status , and Click the Stop. Then click the Start. The Service immediately start processing the Tasks (one at a time) whose next run times have passed.

    What must I do to have OSRunner begin automatic execution successfully after a Windows Server restart?


    Tom Crawford

    If you follow the instructions in the help file it should run properly. If you just want to run a task once a day at a specific time then you are better off using the OSRUN command line utility and he Windows Task Scheduler to invoke the task. The OpenSync scheduler does not have the level of functionality available in the Windows Task Scheduler and will not guarantee the time that tasks actually execute.



    The Help file says that the background service is implemented in the OSRunner.EXE.
    In the next paragraph it say that QB API is single threaded, so only one task should run at any one time. ” The background service insures that tasks are sequentially executed. ”

    That implies that OSRun.EXE run via Windows Task manager on dozens of QB files is not as safe as running a sequence of Tasks using the Background Service of OSRunner. Is this correct?

    If I have two Windows Task Sched > OSRun tasks running simultaneously, will I be asking for trouble?

    My Windows Task Scheduler has in it
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Synergration\OpenSync\OSRunner.exe” Without arguments.
    With a trigger “At Startup”.

    OSRunner does start. But it does not begin to process tasks until the Admin goes to the Home screen > Service Status block, which says “Running”, clicks the Stop, then clicks the Start.

    Is there, perhaps, any other Windows Task Schedule actions we should perform before launching OSRunner? Do we need to kickstart QuickBooks? If so, why do we not need to do that with an manual click Start.


    Tom Crawford

    You are correct, the OSRun command will fail if the previous one has not completed. The solution to this is to create and schedule a batch file that uses OSRun to sequentially execute each task.

    Not sure why OSRunner is not starting the tasks. You can check the Next run date for each task to verify it is correct. Also, make sure you have the latest build (2.0.71) installed.



    Perhaps the problem is that the OSRunner wasn’t shut down properly when the Windows Server rebooted?

    Is there a command line Command for Stopping OSRunner.exe.

    Maybe that Batch file of OSRun Tasks may be just the thing bootstrap OpenSync into a condition where OSRunner will execute successfully. Put OSRunner at the end of that sequence of OSRun batches. Worth a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

    How do you verify the next run date except by looking at the Task Properties?
    I verified that the most recent run date displayed in the OpenSync Task properties by looking at the OpenSync Database statistics form and the database history file.

    Here is another possible clue. The Windows Server was down when the first few tasks should have started in a sequence starting at 01:00, staggered every 4 minutes. The Windows Server came up, started OSRunner at 01:42. Task number 12 should have kicked off at 01:44. It did not. None of the remaining tasks did. Further more, at 01:00 the next day, OSRunner did not run the first or any other task until I Stopped and Started the service manually.

    I can see some logic in in setting up the system so that if Task_N doesn’t start, then task N+1 shouldn’t start. But the OpenSync Task Builder does not hint at any dependency between tasks except that they cannot run simultaneously.



    BTW, we are running version 2.0.66.


    Tom Crawford

    It’s hard to say why the OSRunner task is not kicking off the tasks without seeing the complete log files. You can check the next run date for a task by selecting it in the configuration program.

    I really think the best approach is to create a batch file and schedule it with the Windows Task Scheduler to run every night.



    \\ You can check the next run date for a task by selecting it in the configuration program. //
    That is what I did. I was asking if there was some other way I did not know of deep within the program.

    Maybe there is a hybrid approach. Create the Batch file to run a sequence of OSRun {task} statements, follow up with other Database processing tasks, then finally executing OSRunner to kick off the scheduled rerun.

    Eventually, we may want to move totally to batch or our own database driven runner so that we have frequent updates on databases with high recent activity.

    At the risk of changing the subject, I found this post

    Applying Credit Memo to an Invoice

    Reply #11044, #11050, #13801
    I may be facing a similar issue with a Vendor Credit difficult to find in the tables maintained by Version 2. Is there another thread where this is discussed more recently.

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