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    David Kite

    WHen I try and run “OSRUN.exe mytask”

    I get the error:

    OpenSync has encountered an unexpected error. The error code is 2503
    Contact Synergration support at:OpenSync Support

    I called the number provided and got Yudel, who no longer works for Synergration. He was unable to assist me.

    I installed opensync on a new computer, copied the config file, and get the same error.

    Any assistance is appreciated!!

    David Kite


    Timothy Eloe


    THE PHONE NUMBER ON Synergration’s Website goes to the NEW ‘LetSync’ owner – who told me the best option is to go with his company.

    He even said “you can’t compete with a permanent license”

    So it looks like what he’s done is kill OpenSync – or let it die – and now has an annual subscription software to replace it!



    I switched from OpenSync to LetSync and will gladly pay the annual subscription for a supported product. I rely on LetSync to mirror my QB data and Yudel provides great support for LetSync. A “permanent” license with support is not a sustainable business model. I was completely satisfied with OpenSync and now with LetSync. BTW, Intuit just announced that starting in 2022 ALL of their desktop versions of Quickbooks will be subscription based only!




    I have no dog in this hunt, but Yudel is no longer an employee of OpenSync, and has no access to the code base. He does offer a similar product called LetSync. That is not a “SCAM” but rather is a real product that I and others are using. I originally changed because we went to QuickBooks 2020 and OpenSync was not ready for it.

    I used OpenSync for several years prior to that, and that is how I met Yudel. He no longer has access to the OpenSync employee functions nor the code. Nor does he have access to the website to remove his phone number, which is unfortunate for all involved.

    With respect to the license and cert issue, obviously somebody who still has access to the codebase will need to address it.

    Best regards,

    John Rogers


    Timothy Eloe

    Good News!!! a Premium Member @tony722 has the solution. Here’s the quote from his post, including a link to download a patched set of files. THANK YOU TONY!

    Here is the service patch allowed me to use the Config UI, the Scheduler Service, and the Command Line without the licensing issue. So it should allow you to do what you need to to get going.
    Here’s a link to download it:!AjdEtWfoaCV3a8geYX094xyhSNg?e=YB5oUa
    That said I think the road forward with Synergration is limited unless they resurrect their company. For example the application works up to Quickbooks 2021 and while I haven’t tested this, it may not with QB 2022 or later.



    Thank you thank you to both tony722 and Timothy!!! This worked great.

    I just find the whole transition from OpenSync to LetSync as very odd. When the marketing email first came out I actually emailed to see if it was Yudal trying to start his own company and the response was that the new company is legit. However, I think it was probably Yudal who sent the email response! What happened to Tom Crawford? Did he sell the company to Yudal??? Anyway, I’m okay with the move to a more ‘sustainable’ business model but it should be based on new features. All I saw was a new interface and a radically different database schema. For us, a change to a new schema would be a GIGANTIC time consumer. Our entire CMS is based on the existing schema as well as tons of Crystal Reports reports. If Yudal’s LetSync used the same schema I would switch in a heart beat.


    Premium Member

    Here’s what I’ve been able to gather. Hopefully this is mostly correct.

    Tom passed away, and whoever inherited Synergration let Yudel go. I feel the company has died with Tom pretty much.

    OpenSync is written in VB6 mostly and is rather unmaintainable. Yudel saw the need for something better and apparently Synergration wasn’t interested in developing a better product.

    Yudel has been working on a new application for several years (on his own). LetsSync is his company, and given what’s happened to Synergration and that they let Yudel go–Yudel apparently was the only person who could keep Synergration going–I feel it’s all legit. Synergration’s decision is bad for us and them, but it at least relieves Yudel of a conflict of interest trying to support a competing product.



    That patch seems to be a bit sloppy, but it appears to have worked. It’s not digitally signed though, so it throws Windows Smart Screen warnings as well as warnings from Quickbooks when authorizing it to access the company file when Quickbooks is closed.

    Edit: if that fix was created by a user, that’s awesome. I’m just disappointed that this software seems to be dead. I guess I am going to have to look at LetSync or some other solution for my client who relies on this. All I really need to do is periodically import a table from the QB file into an Access DB and we can get what we need from there.

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