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    Version 2.0.78 11/14/2016
    • Bug Fix: Corrected problem for deleting transactions.

    Version 2.0.77 11/10/2016
    • Feature: Handle QB bug that returns duplicate custom field definitions.

    Version 2.0.76 9/30/2016
    • Bug fix: Another fix for deleting journal entry lines
    • Feature: Added ABU.LOG for Invoice updates

    Version 2.0.75 9/28/2016
    • Bug fix: Deleting journal entry lines has been corrected.
    • Bug fix: Addressed issue generating the error “This key is already associated …” when retrieving class codes from QB.

    Version 2.0.74 9/22/2016

    • Bug fix: Custom fields for Build Assembly are now supported.
    • Bug fix: AM/PM for scheduling bug corrected
    • Bug fix: OSMonitor – disable security for semaphore which caused OpenSync to fail in secured environments
    • Bug fix: Inventory stock status changes column “order” to “forder” to avoid SQL errors
    • Feature: Updating a journal entry now supports deleting line items.
    • Feature: Order transactions by the field TxnLineID not supported for Bill transactions. This feature only applies when adding new transactions.
    • Feature: TemplateRef now supported on PO transactions.
    • Feature: Item Assemblies with no components can now be updated.
    • Feature: Credit memos now support line items with not item (description only)

    Version 2.0.73 5/12/2016

    • Bug fix: The date macro ALL is now supported when selecting the option to “Retrieve report in chunks”
    • Bug fix (coreObjX): Assembly items can now have multiple component lines with the same item.
    • Bug fix: atempting to add an item with a name that already exists on file resulted in the error Item cannot be found in the corresponding collection error.
    • Bug fix: TransferInventory was not properly setting the SiteLocationRef for child lines.

    Version 2.0.72 4/7/2016
    • Bug fix: Terminal Server Patches were killing QB in remote sessions

    Version 2.0.71 2/25/2016
    • Bug fix: Existing report tasks can now be modified
    • Bug fix: Rounding issues on transactions have been fixed
    • Feature: Blank lines on Bills are now supported.

    Version 2.0.70 2/12/2016
    • Bug fix: Account description field now supports 200 characters
    • Feature: A patch has been implemented when running in a Terminal Server environment to automatically load and unload QuickBooks. To enable this feature, click on “Enable Terminal Server Patches” under File – Options.

    Version 2.0.69 1/29/2016
    • Bug fix: Fixed problem with Sort txn lines by TxnLineID
    • Bug fix: Corrected all tables and columns to support latest versions of QB 2014 through 2016

    Version 2.0.68 1/20/2016

    • Bug fix: Fixed error in assignvalues when updating Estimates
    • Feature: Added the option to “Sort txn lines by TxnLineID”. When enabled, this will cause OpenSync to sort all line items for all AR and Purchase Order transactions by the field TxnLineID. This feature only applies when adding new transactions.
    • Feature: Delete support added for Bill transactions.

    Version 2.0.69 1/29/2016
    • Bug fix: Fixed problem with Sort txn lines by TxnLineID
    • Bug fix: Corrected all tables and columns to support latest versions of QB 2014 through 2016

    Version 2.0.68 1/20/2016

    • Bug fix: Fixed error in assignvalues when updating Estimates
    • Feature: Added the option to “Sort txn lines by TxnLineID”. When enabled, this will cause OpenSync to sort all line items for all AR and Purchase Order transactions by the field TxnLineID. This feature only applies when adding new transactions.
    • Feature: Delete support added for Bill transactions.

    Version 2.0.67 7/29/2015

    • Feature: Cc field in vendor table now supported
    • Feature: Max (reorder point) in ItemInventory table now supported
    • Feature: ClassRef in customer table now supported
    • Feature: Default item sales tax to customer values on invoices
    • Bug fix: Updating Invoice table displays Transfer table when running

    Version 2.0.66 6/15/2015
    • Bug fix: Fix problem with OSRUN.EXE

    Version 2.0.65 4/2/2015
    • Bug fix: OpenSync Configuration browser fixed
    • Bug fix: Saved databases, tasks, and configurations are now recalled properly when upgrading OpenSync

    Version 2.0.63 3/25/2015
    • Bug fix: Advanced Inventory Transfers now work as expected (site/bin)
    • Bug Fix: Issue with Amazon Work Spaces fixed
    • Feature: Time Tracking Updates and Deletes Enabled

    Version 2.0.61 2/26/2015
    • Bug fix: LinkedTxnDetail records for sales orders and purchase orders were being dropped on refresh operations.

    Version 2.0.60 2/20/2015
    • Bug fix: Not all LinkedTxnDetail records were updating for journal entries
    • Bug fix: Build assemblies were not being properly refreshed after updating them to QB
    • Bug fix: Not all report task parameters were not being properly reset when a report task was edited.
    • Bug fix: SalesOrders and PurchaseOrders would lose custom fields when invocies or bills were posted against them.
    • Feature: BuildAssembly now support InventorySiteRef and InventorySiteLocationRef
    • Feature: Bill line items can now be linked to specific line items on a PO by setting the LinkTXNID and LinkedTxnLineID in the TxnItemLineDetail table to the corresponding values in the PurchaseOrder and PurchaseOrderLineDetail tables

    Version 2.0.59 2/10/2015

    • Bug fix: Configuring a task to only update the class table has been corrected.
    • Bug fix: Database browser causing “class does not support automation” error has been fixed.
    • Bug fix: Sales tax rates now support up to 5 decimal places
    • Bug fix: ItemSalesTaxGroupLineDetail will no longer contain duplicate rows
    • Bug fix: ItemInventory SalesTaxCode can now be set
    • Bug fix: Multiple-step operation generated errors were causing records to be deleted.
    • Feature: Amazon Work Spaces are now supported
    • Feature: MarkPendingIfRequired on BuildAssembly now supported NOTE: Requires schema update
    • Feature: Opening balance can now be set when adding a customer
    • Feature: Item rename is now supported
    • Feature: InventorySiteLocationRef now supported for Invoice and SalesReceipt transactions

    Version 2.0.57 11/7/2014

    • Feature: Markups on estimate lines are now supported for updating
    • Feature: A workaround for the bug in QB 2015 causing the error “This key is already associated with an element of this collection” has been implemented.
    • Feature: The column Latest or prior state can now be specified for reports
    • Bug: Accountref_FullName on credit card charges can now be updated
    • Bug: Blank lines within item assemblies are now supported
    • Bug: A fix has been implemented for updating employees
    • Bug: A fix was implemented to enable clearing of custom fields

    Version 2.0.56 9/23/2014

    • Feature: Inventory Site support on sales receipts. ABU
    • Bug fix: Refresh Item Sites fails – DB
    • Bug fix: Fixed problem with generic column names in reports – DB

    Version 2.0.55 9/11/2014

    • Feature: coreObjX.INI can now be used to specify the default data path
    • Feature: Delete support for Journal entries
    • Feature: Journal entry updates now support adding lines
    • Bug fix: Retrieve report in chunks – Number of days in chunk not being saved.
    • Bug fix: Journal entry lines with Amount = 0 now supported
    • Bug fix: Refresh InventorySites will no longer do a full populate on refresh

    Version 2.0.54 8/28/2014

    • More fixes for Oracle database support
    • Added the ability to modify the account field on AP transactions
    • Fix for OpenSync.INI DataPath setting that was affecting operation with Amazon Workspaces

    Version 2.0.53 8/15/2014

    • Fix for number of decimal places supported on the Amount field in the Transaction table
    • Fix implemented to support MarkupRate and MarkupRatePercent in EstimateLineDetail table
    • Fixes to support Oracle DBs with QB 2014
    • ManufacturerPartNumber support in ItemInventoryAssembly

    Version 2.0.52 7/7/2014

    • Added 3 retries to help mediate the “Could not start QuickBooks” error.
    • Price level adds and updates are implemented.
    • Added additional diagnostics for Report tasks.

    Version 2.0.51 6/10/14

    • Bug where Invoices with a subtotal item could not be modified has been corrected.
    • Bug where custom fields on fixed asset items were not being set has been corrected.
    • Bug where AquiredAs field on fixed asset items was not being properly set is fixed. Valid values for this column are “NEW” or “OLD”
    • Bug where items marked to be deleted but could not be deleted from QB but were still deleted from the DB has been corrected.
    • Bug where BillPayment entry in history table was not being reset after a refresh has been fixed
    • Bug generating the error “ActiveX can’t create object” w/memorized reports fixed
    • Serial number support on invoices.
    • Error updating invoices stating: field “” has an invalid value “”. was investigated and found to be an error in QB when a valid inventory site is not specified.
    • Bug where specified connection strings were not being properly saved has been corrected
    • Added support for SQL Azure. See the blog post at for additional information about configuring an Azure database.
    • Bug in inventory adjustments that would not allow you adjust qty and value at once has been corrected
    • OpenSync now verifies the database schema when adding a database and creating a task

    Version 2.0.50 5/15/2014
    • MySQL ODBC Connector 5.2 has a significant problem but OpenSync did not properly catch the error. It now reports the error but this version of the connector should not be used.
    • Statements charges (charge table) will not update properly when selected as a specific table has been fixed
    • OtherName table would not update properly when selected as a specific table has been fixed
    • OtherName table now supports Notes field
    • Quantity on hand and TotalValue can now be set when adding a new inventory item.
    • Add, modify, and delete support added for ItemFixedAssets
    • Fixed bug where custom fields were not always getting properly set when adding inventory, non-inventory, and service items
    • Added option to remove time component from refresh operations. This is needed to address a bug in the Australian version of QB operating in specific time zones.
    • Added option to “Add tables to existing database” when adding new database.
    • Bug which caused some refresh tasks to invoke full table populate has been fixed
    • Address note field now supported for updates

    Version 2.0.49 – 4/4/2014

    • Statement charge table (charge table) is now supported for update operations
    • Fix for dumping AR and AP reports
    • Added feature to use generic column names on reports ex COL1, COL2, …
    • Added feature to disable multi-threaded populate
    • Added option to log XML on populate operations
    • Improved QB error handling to address “Could not start QuickBooks” error.
    • Added feature override qbXML version in order to avoid pulling multiple ship to addresses
    • Fix for errors generated when viewing log files
    • Fix for “Object variable or with block variable not set” error when dumping customized reports
    • Added FullName/TxnId to error entries in the coreObjXDB log

    Version 2.0.48

    • Bug fix: transfer table was not being created in MySQL, SQl Server and Oracle databases. The database will need to be recreated or you can use the following create statement to add the table:

    CREATE TABLE transfer (
    TxnID varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    TimeCreated varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    TimeModified varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    EditSequence varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    TxnNumber int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
    TxnDate datetime DEFAULT NULL,
    TransferFromAccountRef_ListID varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    TransferFromAccountRef_FullName varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    FromAccountBalance decimal(15,5) DEFAULT NULL,
    TransferToAccountRef_ListID varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    TransferToAccountRef_FullName varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    ToAccountBalance decimal(15,5) DEFAULT NULL,
    ClassRef_ListID varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    ClassRef_FullName varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    Amount decimal(15,5) DEFAULT NULL,
    Memo varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    Status varchar(10) DEFAULT NULL,
    KEY transferIdIndex (TxnID)
    • Bug fix: Selecting credit card charge and credit card credit tables to update to QB would report an error indicating these tables are not supported.
    • Bug fix: Fix for problem populating entity table

    Version 2.0.47

    • Fixed bug causing list items to be dynamically refreshed for each transaction
    • Added read only support for multiple ship to addresses for customers
    • Addedd read only support for AdditionalContact information
    • ItemNonInventory: PrefVendorRef and ManufacturerPartNumber can now be updated to QB
    • Added the ability to retrieve reports by chunks of days. This feature is primarily intended to be used with the custom transaction detail report
    • Employee table – added new fields for QB 2014
    • Added InventorySiteLocationRefs in all affected tables.
    • Fixed bug that allowed user to add multiple company files with the same name.
    • Read only support for Vendor ship address
    • Read only support for transfer transactions
    • Changed deprecated requirement for DeliveryMethod in customer table. Intuit has changed this field to PreferredDeliveryMethod
    • Fix for message “invalid use of null error on the “critical” field” which was caused by trying to update a record with a NULL ListID field.
    • Fix for bug when resizing database status window.

    Version 2.0.46 – 11/20/2013
    • Fixed bug causing transaction table to populate on first refresh task

    Version 2.0.45 – 11/14/2013
    • Support for QB 2014 Including these new tables/fields:
    • AdditionalNotesDetail table implemented – read only
    • All tables
    • Custom Fields increased to 15
    • Customer
    • PreferredDeliveryMethod
    • CC
    • PO LineDetail –
    • Unbilled QTY
    • Company
    • IsSampleCompany
    • TaxForm
    • ItemReceipt
    • LiabilityAccountRef
    • DataExtDef
    • DataExtID
    • DataExtListRequire
    • DataExtTxnRequire
    • DataExtFormatString
    • ApplieToTxnDetail
    • DiscountClassRef
    • Bill
    • VendorAddress
    • Item Tables
    • PrefereredVendor field

    • The transaction table has been disabled by default as it grows quite large and contains incomplete and redundant data. If you need to have this table populated and refreshed you will need to create a separate task for these operations.
    • Fixes
    • Item custom fields are all properly retrieved and updated
    • Sales Orders now support blank lines
    • Database connection is now properly closed after running a task
    Version 2.0.44 – 6/7/2013
    • Fixed several bugs in updating deposits. Added OrderBy TxnLineID to DepositLineDetail query
    • Fixed a smalll loophole in sales order error processing on the last record to be updated.
    • Added support for clearing the ReOrderPoint field for inventory items
    • Added support for updating the IncomeAccountRef for inventory items
    • Added support for ManufacturersPartNumber updating to QB

    Version 2.0.43 – 4/1/2013
    • Fixed bug in Journal Entry updates

    Version 2.0.42 – 4/1/2013
    • Fixed bug for 0 amount deposits

    Version 2.0.41 – 3/14/2013
    • Allow a deposit with 0 amount to be posted
    • Added support for UOM in ItemInventory table

    Version 2.0.40 – 2/19/2013
    • Added support for updating deposit transactions
    • Added support for updating purchase order header information. This enables users to update the header information for a purchase order that is linked to bills without breaking the links. To use this feature the status column must be set to UPDATEHO indicating update the header only.

    Version 2.0.39 – 11306/2012
    • Added support for tax codes on Bill Expense lines

    Version 2.0.38 – 11/6/2012
    • Fix for a bug that ocurred when task names contained a trialing space
    • Fix for a bug that caused transaction lines to be skipped if a field not defined in the database was returned from QB
    • Fix for a bug that caused custom fields to be out of sync – numbered differently – between the populate/refresh and update tasks
    • Fix for a bug that could cause transaction line items to be ordered improperly when updating QB
    • Changed amount field definitions in MySQL schema to DECIMAL(15, 5) to avoid truncating numeric amouunts.
    • Added support for all 12 custom fields in QB 2012 and above in DB schema
    • Added support for MySQL ODBC 5.2 driver
    • Added support for VendorCredit update

    Version 2.0.37 – 10/22/2012
    • Fix bug in update for item inventory assembly.

    Version 2.0.36 – 10/19/2012
    • Update support for all employee fields
    • Support for linking a Bill to a PO
    • Support for ItemReceipt updates
    • Support for Build Assembly updates
    • Fix for adding inventory items when no custom fields are defined
    • Fix for Physical Inventory Stock Status report

    Version 2.0.34 – 8/23/2012
    • Fix that allows transaction due dates to be set if terms are set to null
    • Fix for updating transactions that contain percentage line items
    • Fix to enable adding and updating build assemble transaction
    • Fix for dumping reports to MySQL databases

    Version 2.0.34 – 7/17/2012
    • Added support to update EmployeePayrollInfoDetail table for field UseTimeDataToCreatePaychecks. Supported valuse are UseTimeData or DoNotUseTimeData
    • Fixed bug in adding deposits that generated the error “Transaction must have at least one line item”

    Version 2.0.32 – 7/12/2012
    • Added option to set status column after an update task based on the result. Values are either “ERROR” or “DOWNLOADED”

    Version 2.0.28 – 5/15/2012
    • Added parameters in filter screen to enable populating tables by date chunks
    • Added support for inventory sites in update tasks
    • Added multi-threaded populates to improve speed of initial populate

    Version 2.0.20 – 3/28/2012
    • Fixed several bugs when editing existing report parameters
    • New report logic to improve report exports by > 75%
    • Enabled class filters for budget reports

    Version 2.0.17 – 2/28/2012
    • Add date range filters for transactions
    • Fix for updating customer credit limit
    • Fix for table sequencing when updating QB for selected tables

    Version 2.0

    • Currency codes on customers and vendors
    • Tax codes on AP transactions
    • Set location for configuration files through OpenSync.ini file
    • Update classes
    • Comment lines (description only) and blank lines on transactions
    • Fix for Notes bug in QB 2012
    • Fix for ordering of tables when updating selected tables


    Alice MacDonald

    Does the version support QuickBooks Accountant 2014?



    Yes it does.


    David Kite

    I am running version 2.0.48. Should I upgrade to 2.0.51?


    Tom Crawford

    Yes, we recommend all of our users run the latest software build.


    Justin Byers

    Where do I download the latest build again? I have a version 2 license.



    Tom Crawford

    The latest build can always be downloaded from


    Spencer Wall

    What are the database implications of updating OpenSync to the latest version? Will the database automatically populate with the newest versions of the tables, or do we have to create a brand new database?


    I tried to download but when I go to install it says I have another version installed. I have OpenSync 2.0.46 and was thinking I should upgrade. Will this not upgrade my version?


    Tom Crawford

    You need to uninstall the existing version first. All of your configuration and registration information will be preserved.


    Premium Member

    For Version 2.0.59 2/10/2015
    Feature: MarkPendingIfRequired on BuildAssembly now supported NOTE: Requires schema update

    How do we update the schema? Do you have the new one somewhere?


    Tom Crawford

    Just add the field MarkPendingIfRequired to the BuildAssembly table as a Boolean type.



    Is this still the official thread in which release notes are kept?



    Can OpenSync extra Data from Quickbooks 2007-2008?


    Tom Crawford

    It should be able to but we haven’t tested against those versions in several years. Download the free trial and see if it works.

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