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    Getting this error in QBSDKLOG.TXT in OpenSync 3.0.25:


    QuickBooks Premier 2019 R9 is running. Also tried it with Quickbooks Exited.
    Rebooted several times.
    Tried both with company open and closed
    Tried deauthorizing the company file, removing it from OpenSync and re-adding it
    Tried uninstalling OpenSync and reinstalling.


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    Note: this machine has been running OpenSync for months without this issue. The only thing that I can think of that might have changed would be a QuickBooks automatic update to R9.


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    Been fussing with this for a week or more.

    Finally uninstalled QuickBooks, reinstalled QuickBooks (installer was R5). Patched to R8. (Ignoring pleas from Quickbooks to update to R9). OpenSync works.

    Updated to R9.
    OpenSync still works.

    I think this is resolved.


    Yudel Rosales

    Thanks for the update Tony. QuickBooks as usual lol

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