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    Hello – looking to get some help with an issue I’m having. I have OpenSync 3.0 and it syncs my Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise 2019 company file with MS Sql. I am only syncing the salesreceipt table. The issue I’m having is that it sometimes syncs CustomerRef_ListID and CustomerRef_FullName columns. The data stored in these columns is critical but it’s only syncing that data on about half of the rows. Anyone else run into that issue or have a solution?

    Also, is it possible to set up a task to only sync data from a certain time period? For instance, Sales Receipts from 2018 and up? Our company file has 15 years of data and it takes a very long time (~48 hours) to populate MS Sql with all of that data. I’m wondering if we can limit what is synced?


    David Kite

    Hello Ryan, I have not ever had any issues with Syncing only some rows of any given columns from other tables, but admittedly, we don’t use sales receipts and I have no data in those two tables.

    Our QB enterprise 2019 file is around 3 GB and has invoices back as far as 1994 (when the original 1989 Quicken file was converted to QuickBooks for Dos). Our whole file takes about 48 hours to do a full “populate from QuickBooks”, but it does a “Refresh and Update” in about 40 seconds of almost all the tables (I exclude the tables that must do a full populate every time).

    To answer your question about filtering the sync, If you choose the “Populate from QuickBooks” operation, it will wipe out all of the contents of the table it is populating too or append to the data, depending on what you select, but it will allow you to filter the records synced. My experience with this is that it will potentially create duplicates using an append, but I think that can be avoided if the sync period synced matches the amount of time since the last sync (i.e. sync today at the end of the working day. etc…)

    Hopefully that helps.

    David B. Kite

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    Yudel Rosales

    Thanks, David for your help on this.

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