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    We are running OpenSync Version 3.0.26 10/02/2019. I am trying to sync the Quickbooks customer table to a SQL Server instance and am getting a consistent failure after processing 40,100 of 63,594 records. I believe it is due to a control or non-printable character (0x02) found in several records. I reached this conclusion by using QBForensics which is able to dump data from Quickbooks internal tables to an XML file which I then loaded into SQL Server via a PowerShell script I wrote. My PowerShell script produces XML errors on records containing the 0x02 character from the abmc_contacts QuickBooks internal table. I was able to get around this error by replacing this character prior to forming an XML object to process. The problem character is located in the “CC Email” field in QuickBooks and the “emailCC” field when dumped via QBForensics.

    I have eliminated as many of these characters as I can via QuickBooks Lists -> Add/Edit Multiple List Entries but there are still 3 records contained in the QBForensics XML file after all the changes I made to the individual records I was able to find. It appears these 3 contact entries may have become orphaned within QuickBooks since I cannot find them via any searches I’ve performed using multiple other attributes including sorting the entire unfiltered list of customers both active and inactive by the field name where the control character was found for all other entries.

    If anyone has other ideas on how I might be able to locate these records, or ways I might be able to get around this error in OpenSync, I’d sure appreciate it. The OpenSync.log file refers me to the qbsdklog.txt file, and that gives me no information other than the fact that OpenSync was disconnected. I have enabled XML tracing for Populates and am currently running another populate job on the customer table only in hopes the Populate.xml file will at least confirm the control character is the real problem. (I use Gvim to examine/search the file. It appears as ‘^B’ in Gvim).

    If I’m able to confirm my suspicion that the control character is the problem, I’ll still be stuck in that I don’t know how I can eliminate it from the internal QuickBooks tables so any/all suggestions there would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!


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