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    OpenSync 3.0 Initial Features


    • The configuration program now preserves the state of the tree view.
    • The location of all configuration data has been changed to more accessible location
    • Database schema has been modified to support fully typed columns and primary keys
    • Email alerts for task completion and errors
    • Support for Right networks (coming soon)
    • Treeview can be rearranged and state is preserved when restarting the application
    • Automated registration system
    • Database password can be changed without removing and re-adding database
    • OSRun command line utility provides visual feedback
    • The OpenSync scheduler appears in the system tray
    • Check for update feature will verify you are running the latest version and display release notes
    • Verify database will scan database schema and update it if required

    Version 3.0.12 – 08/07/2017
    • Feature: Import Configuration File
    • Fix: creating second task overwrite first one.
    • Fix: transaction date filter over filling.
    • Fix: OSRunner asking always to activate license
    • Fix: filter on populate tasks.
    • Fix: Operation Menu showing “Read Only” feature when is a “Full” version
    • Fix: OSRun target CPU was change to “x86”
    • Fix: Server status on OSConfing

    Yudel Rosales

    Version 3.0.14 09/01/2017
    • OSRun 3.0.2: Email when task complete and fail send feature added.
    • “From” customer email contact added in Send Diagnostics.
    • Quantity in “estimatelinedetail” table was change to decimal type.
    • Status is getting properly updated when task is run intractably.
    • Fix bug: Select tabs when editing Report.
    • Fix Bug: Select multiple columns in Rows & Cols tabs in Report Select windows.
    • Fix bug: Transfer License windows shows the all the activation key.
    • Fix bug: Link to download the latest version in Check for update.
    • Fix bug: DataMacro and date in Populate Filters windows.
    • Bug Fix: Primary key violation when populating item table.
    • Bug Fix: “Object variable …” error corrected when updating vendors.
    • Feature: Customer PreferredDeliveryMethod can now be updated to either “Email” or “None”, QB does not support setting it to “Mail”.
    • Feature: Employee columns supported JobTitle, Department and Description.


    Yudel Rosales

    Version 3.0.15 10/06/2017
    · Fix bug: QuickBooks 2018 is supported.
    · Feature: Supports Access database password protected.


    Yudel Rosales

    Version 3.0.16 10/16/2017
    · Fix bug: Monthly report on Refresh Report.

    · Fix bug: Unable to cast object on Refresh Report.

    · Fix bug: MSADODC.OCX dependency was added.


    Yudel Rosales

    Version 3.0.17 11/18/2017
    · Fix bug: Test connection button on Add Database windows.

    · Fix bug: ActiveX component can’t create object:429


    Yudel Rosales

    Version 3.0.18 02/21/2018
    • Fix bug: Fiscal Year of Budget Parameters on Report Select.


    Yudel Rosales

    Version 3.0.20 10/12/2018

    • OpenSync v3: Supports QuickBooks 2019


    Yudel Rosales

    Version 3.0.21 10/25/2018
    • Email notification: Password updated. Customers that use email notification have to install this update in order to continue getting notifications.


    Yudel Rosales

    Version 3.0.23 11/10/2018
    • Fix bug: Can’t initialize semaphore: OSMon2State”
    • Fix bug: If the task is highlighted, the status will refresh automatically.


    Yudel Rosales

    Version 3.0.24 11/10/2018
    • Fix bug: Azure, Invalid DB Type


    Yudel Rosales

    Version 3.0.25 11/13/2018
    • Fix bug: Dashboard not refreshing properly.
    • Email notification: Password updated. Customers that use email notification have to install this update in order to continue getting notifications.


    Yudel Rosales

    Version 3.0.26 10/02/2019
    • Supports QuickBooks 2020


    Yudel Rosales

    Version 3.0.27 10/03/2019
    • Fix bug: “The system cannot find the file specified”


    Yudel Rosales

    Version 3.0.28 10/14/2019
    • Fix bug: “Scheduling services Status”

    Version 3.0.29 10/12/2020

    • Supports QuickBooks 2021


    Yudel Rosales

    Version 3.0.30 10/16/2020

    • Fix bug: Time when the task ends at on the status label.
    • Fix bug: Trace files created.

    Version 3.0.31 01/18/2021

    • Fix bug: “Unhandled Exception” on Task View Form

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