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    i am having trouble populating my timetracking table with open sync.  i am using qb 2012 enterprise and open sync 1.0.86 synchronizing to sql server 2012.  my qb file has about 150,000 items in timetracking.  when i attempt to populate with opensync, it returns in about 1 minute with an empty table.  i get an error in the quickbooks log. 
    source:  timetrackingstorage:doquery 
    description: failed to get an interface prt: source .\src\timeactfilter.cpp line #86 hresult=0x80004005

    i previously attempted the same task using accessbooks rt.  the results was that it would successfully return timetracking records if i set the date filter such that it only returned around 86,000 records.  if i selected more, then it would fail and return an empty database.  in opensync, i have not found the equivalent time filter option, so i have not records at all.


    Tom Crawford

    filter functionality will be added in version 2 of opensync which will be released by the end of this year.


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    i’m having the exact same problem.  i am using version 2.0.39.
    i have discovered that when i set the filter to around 30 days, it works and i get around 2000 records in my table.
    when i try to populate the entire table, it fails and i don’t get any records.
    i see the same error listed above.




    when you create your refresh task, click filters.  you have to select a start date and end date to use fitlering.  if you want all data, then select dates far into the past, and far into the future.  with filtering enabled, you can use the block request by days feature.  select a number of days, such as 90, that you know will work.  then, when it queries the entire table, it will query it in 90 day chunks through your filter period. 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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