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    Howard Katz
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    Can you please explain why you couldn’t add the following information to the OpenSync logs?
    For each table processed:
    – Number of records processed
    – Number of records updated
    – Number of errors
    Seems pretty simple, since the information is displayed (all too briefly) – could you please make the information available permanently, in the log.

    For example, when I run a “Refresh all from QuickBooks” twice in succession, with no activity in QuickBooks in between, I am getting non-zero counts on the updates for certain tables, but it goes by so quickly, I can’t identify which tables they are – and so can’t raise a trouble ticket with you as to what I see as a potential serious issue (i.e. records in MS Access not getting updated)



    Jericho Johnson

    Try looking at the database that you sync QB to. OpenSync creates an [error_table], [history] table, and a [os_log] table.

    [os_log] tells you how many records were processed for each table, the operation and the success or failure.

    [history] just gives the last date/time each table was updated.

    This table data may help.



    Does the os_log table exist for OpenSync v 2.0.71?

    Does it need to be enabled? I use history and error table all the time but do not have os_log.



    Yudel Rosales

    os_log will be on your database base and it needs to be activated from OpenSync configuration. Note: no all database support this log. This feature was remove for OpenSync v3.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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