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    2K says that the unskippable advertisements contained in NBA 2K were implemented in a way that the publisher”didn’t mean,” and that the error”will be repaired.” In a statement on Twitter, the company addressed backlash to how adverts were included in its latest release. Before this week, players noticed an unskippable advert for the Oculus Quest 2 before an in-game video. That advert seemed to operate during a loading screen, but was the exact same length even when running with an SSD on a PC (through Stevivor). Participants hailed 2K for the ad, with many imagining it was looking at a full-priced title.

    In reaction, 2K educated players who commercials”have been integrated into 2KTV sections” for a couple of decades, but said that”yesterday 2KTV ad placement influenced our players’ experience in a way we didn’t intend, as these ads are not meant to operate as part of their pre-game introduction.” As a result, the problem”will be fixed in future episodes,” although there is no word on exactly when the change is going to be put into place. It will not sound like the adverts will actually be moving away. 2K points out that they’ve been set up for a while already, and that the problem here appears to be where the advertisement showed up, not the fact that it was there in the first place. Hopefully the placements will be more subtle in future, but it appears that in-game ads are set to be part of the NBA 2K games for a while yet.

    That functionality appears like its worthy of a Pink Diamond, at least. On the second half of a yearlong, Jordan had 64 points, but the Bulls lost the game in 128-124.

    NBA 2K20’s MyTeam began a new series of cards on Wednesday known as Career Highlights. Notice, I say”chance” because you are going to need to get the ball fall in the correct slot on the decoration board to acquire the card. I managed to acquire the Jordan cardbut you ought to know, you have to be lucky as the winning slots will be both furthest on each side of the plank.

    You are more apt to get 2,000 MT or even 10 tokens, which isn’t a bad consolation prize and might be more beneficial to your group at this point when lots of people have lineups which are too good to find a place to get a Diamond card, even an MJ. However, if you are home, such as most of us, and are just getting started with your MyTeam journey, this can be a card which can do a little work for you against some of the better squads. Before the release of this MJ card, there was just another Diamond MJ that was part of this first Flash Pack series, an Amethyst MJ as part of the Multi-Dimensional series, then there was the amazing Galaxy Opal variant that was arguably the highlight of this all-star Flash set in February.

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