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    I am evaluating the trial version of OpenSync. I want it to sync QB Desktop to my company’s online ERP system, which utilizes a MySQL database. We already have an existing database that is mapped to our ERP with its own tables. When I installed OpenSync, I selected the “Add Existing Database” option, and at first it did overwrite my existing database (no worries, I had made a backup). So I tried it again, and this time it added the new QB tables to my existing database. What I need is for my MySQL database to map to the QB database, not for it to be overwritten or added to. How do I achieve this? It is useless to me to have a new database with new tables when my data is stored in an existing database with its own tables and it is already associated with my ERP system. Any help is appreciated.




    Unfortunately our software works from its own schema, so yes, we create the tables. QB transactions are rather complex and littered with dependencies making mapping to dynamic schemas a considerably complex undertaking.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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