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    Thanks, Tony!

    This appears to be a fix for error 2503, the expired certificate issue.


    Timothy Eloe

    This worked for me as well – thank you Tony!!



    Thanks a lot Tony!



    For the others that are reading this thread, I have switched one of our installs to LetSync already about 6 months ago. Yudel has been great to work with, and I would recommend switching any critical synchronizations to LetSync sooner rather than later.

    I’ve heard horror stories like this before, but this is the first time I ran into it. I ran into this because I had one setup that we run only several times a year that I didn’t think necessary to switch to LetSync.


    Don Hans
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    Hi Tony,

    I downloaded your fixed build and followed the instructions to update to the latest version and then copy the files over the existing, but when I open the Config I get an error and then it still opens the license page.

    Any ideas? Also,as you appear to be a customer, how did you get this new build?

    Let me know, thanks.



    Hi Tony,

    I have 3.0.29, can you post a link to download the 3.0.31 so that it will work with your patch ?

    Many thanks !!


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    Last I checked that was the version you could download from here.

    But here’s a copy in case it’s not. 🙂!AjdEtWfoaCV3bD6IaED2x5hJGFk?e=b71OFe



    I need to set up a new company, so I’m not sure the command line trick will work for me.

    Here is the service patch allowed me to use the Config UI, the Scheduler Service, and the Command Line without the licensing issue. So it should allow you to do what you need to to get going.
    Here’s a link to download it:!AjdEtWfoaCV3a8geYX094xyhSNg?e=YB5oUa
    That said I think the road forward with Synergration is limited unless they resurrect their company. For example the application works up to Quickbooks 2021 and while I haven’t tested this, it may not with QB 2022 or later.

    Can I ask where this came from?



    I’ve run tests and OpenSync is definitely not compatible with QuickBooks 2022.

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Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)

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