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    Having android phone is a bliss as this connects you to the world through the internet. Also, you can do so much more using your Android smartphone. If you have been uploading single files through smartphone, and wished if there had been shortcut through which you could upload files on the google drive from the android phone. Then, you need not to worry as this article gives you lucid information on how to upload multiple files to Google Drive from android. The procedure is as follows:

    One can upload audio, images, videos and documents. First and foremost step that one has to take to upload the files is to open the Google drive app on the android phone or tablet.

    Tap on Add icon.

    Under the Add icon, you get the option of Upload, you need to tap on Upload option.

    When you tap on Upload, you need to browse through the files and select the ones that you wish to upload. To upload the files, you need to tap on the multiple files.

    Go to My Drive and view uploaded files.

    One needs not to worry as there is enough storage in the Google drive but one has to pay attention to the fact that when saving presentation one can store upto 100 MB of presentation that is transformed into Google slides.

    If needed expert assistance, you can contact the customer care experts on Google drive phone number. Customer care executives are adept, professional and provide round the clock assistance. You can contact the customer care for above issues and other issues or if you have any query regarding the services of Google drive like how to sync Google drive offline or needed to know about saving web content to Google drive etc.

    Contact the google drive customer service to resolve your issues.

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