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    Hi. I just downloaded the trial of CoreObjX. There is no documentation that I can find. It installed in program files, so the samples can’t be opened in VS as they are read-only, so I copied them to a writeable folder, and CoreObjX70 can’t be found.

    Where is the dll? Do you have a nuget feed so it can be easily incorporated into visual studio? Do you have any documentation at all? I want to start with simply getting all the sales tax items, iterating them, and adding as needed.

    Thank you.



    Yudel Rosales

    You can find documentation and samples apps in this location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Synergration\coreObjX where the set up package was installed. The dll has to be add as a refenece to your project.


    Premium Member

    I also just downloaded the trial for CoreObjX. The only “documentation” included is coreObjX version 7 Release Notes dated 3/37/2011.

    This is insufficient. Do you consider sample code, documentation? I don’t.

    This file is only release notes – there isn’t any documentation on the use of this product. It is almost 8 years old. It is for version 7 and the trial comes with version 8. I really don’t want to waste time hacking around to figure out how to use this by having to translate VB6 code (extended support ended in 2008 – that’s 10 years ago!!!). I would rather not have to piece together code snippets from the various forum postings here.

    How about some sample code in C#? I wouldn’t even bother with asking about supporting DotNet managed code. I just want some documentation for the current version that lists the objects, properties, methods, options, etc.

    Simple example – when connecting to QB via qb.Connect() – how do you pass in credentials?
    Or what does CoreObjX80.qbEnumFileOpenMode.qbOpenModeDontCare mean and why would you use that instead qbOpenModeMultiUser or qbOpenModeSingleUser? Sample code doesn’t answer questions that documentation would.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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