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    Are you unable to make Google search? The first thing you are recommended to do is to make sure that the Google App is enabled if Google is not working on your Android device. However, some other ways are there that can help you in dealing with the performance issues of Google. We have mentioned three simple yet highly effective ways. Hopefully, you won’t face many difficulties in implementing these methods.

    Update the Google App Play store

    Is Google not working on Android? Updating the Google App Play store is a great way to deal with the concerned issue. You can do this by launching Google Play Store. Then you need to find the Google App and tap Update. Try to search after you have finished the latest version of Google App Play store installation.

    Clear data and cache of your Google Search

    • Navigate to the SETTINGS window

    • Choose APPS and select the ALL tab

    • Now you need to choose the Google App

    • Click on FORCE STOP and CLEAR CACHE one after another

    • Tap the MANAGE SPACE icon

    • Then you are suggested to choose CLEAR ALL DATA

    Restart your phone

    The gathered data and caches are probably resisting the normal operation of the Google Search app. That’s why; restarting the phone is another highly preferred method of resolving the concerned issue. Turn off your Android phone for 20 minutes and start it again. Now you should try to search for something. Most probably, your point of disagreement (Google not working on Android) has been resolved.

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