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    I’m can create a CreditNote successfully, but I want to have it appear in the check register as a payment. Are there properties on the CreditNote that will accomplish this, or is there another way? I want to make CreditNotes work the same as creating a bill and then immediately paying it.



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    I’m not sure what I was thinking when I first posted this, but I meant CreditMemo, not CreditNote. Sorry for the confusion.


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    I purchased priority support about a week ago. I posted this issue around the same time, and have not gotten a response so far.

    The closest thing I can find to what I need to do is a bill payment supplying the CreditMemo txnID, but I’m getting a “cannot be found” error from the API. Here’s my code:

    Here’s the XML:

    How can I show a CreditMemo paid by check, and appearing as a debit in the check register?


    You clarified your question yesterday.


    See attached for BillPaymentCheck related tables/fields

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    Check This link to see how this tables is related with the other tables and the fields as well:


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    I don’t see how the link to qodbc.com can help me solve my problem with CoreObjX.

    Here’s the problem — it’s simple. After processing a credit card sale transaction through our payment processor, I create a QB customer sales order. The amount of sales tax on the sales order appears in QB’s vendors, sales tax, sales tax liability report.

    If I have to give the customer a refund, I process a credit card return/credit card credit transaction through our payment processor. If successful, I have only two options in CoreObjX that I can find:

    1. Create a credit memo to reverse the sales receipt. In this case, if the customer is issued a refund in QB, the item appears in the check register, and the sales tax liability report reflects the reversal of sales tax. Unfortunately, it appears that CoreObjX does not support refunding a credit memo via issuing a check. If I’m wrong about this, please let me know!

    2. Create a bill (which can only be issued to a vendor) including a line for sales tax, then pay the bill. In this case, the item does appear in the check register, but the sales tax liability report does not reflect the sales tax reversal.

    I need a debit to appear in the check register in order to balance the checking account at month end. Because a paid bill does not reduce the tax liability, I cannot use option number 2, so it seems that my only option is credit memo.

    As I said earlier, I can create a credit memo, but I can’t automatically show it as refunded via check, so that it appears in the check register. Remember, I’ve already processed the refund through our credit card processor, so the money has already been taken from us.

    Has no one else reported this issue? Is there any solution?

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