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    Gmail is one of the biggest email service providers which is based in the USA and has a humongous userbase of billions of people who can access this service from any portion of the world.

    The user can send or receive the email to & from other internet users through the websites but some users report about the non-working of this service which is caused by the problems of the setting.
    How to rectify this issue on desktop device?
    To resolve any problem in the SMTO settings the user is required to provide the proper authentication to increase the chances of successful email delivery.

    The user can also solve this issue by enabling the OAuth 2.0 protocol by using any device.
    Allowing access to the less secure app
    Any user can solve this problem by providing the required access to the less secured app and for this, the user is required to follow this process.

    • Launch the Google account website and log in to the account by furnishing the right details.
    • Click on the Security option which is located on the left side of the screen.
    • Scroll down and click Turn on access in the Less secure app access section.
    • Toggle the off button as on to provide the necessary access.

    The user can also perform this process by navigating to the allow access page from the Gmail account.

    If the user also does not know how to fix Gmail SMTP settings not working then he is recommended to check the SMTP settings and configure them correctly.

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