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    How am I able to change the Facebook password if I can not log-in
    A comprehensive guide to vary Facebook account password when the user fails to log in

    Indeed, Facebook may be a great social networking application that permits people to stay in-tuned with masses employing a common platform. However, there are a couple of users who are encountering issues while accessing Facebook due to a forgotten password or Facebook account being hacked, one can still manage to recover their Facebook account by changing the account password.

    Further, for the users who believe that they need did not access due to a hacked account issue, it’s suggested to review the account security settings and follow the recovery process mentioned during this article.

    Recovering Facebook account if the user has did not login

    Well, multiple reasons can cause login issues with the Facebook account, still, a user can regain access to their account by following the straightforward Facebook change password process provided during this article.

    Further, for the users who aren’t aware, Facebook offers two modes of recovery options that include, recovery phone number and recovery email. The user can pick either of the choices and restore access to their account.

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