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    We have purchased and are running opensync 2.0.69 with Quickbooks 2016 and using MySQL as our DB for a few months now. We are struggling at the moment.

    Somehow after some syncs (not all), entire invoices are being deleted from Quickbooks.

    I have looked at your .pdf and forums and I am having trouble understanding how this could be happening.

    Quickbooks is the authoritative record when a conflict occurs with the database, however these deleted invoices are registering in the QB audit log right around the time when the sync occurs (we use the auto sync at 3/4 AM), so its obviously happening during this process.

    We always do an update and then a populate. It would make sense if we were losing invoices in the DB but I never expected invoices to be lost/deleted in the company file like this.

    A few things that may help. We do have users manipulating Quickbooks during the day, I suppose this is not unusual, but they sometimes create alternate invoice #s, meaning most of our invoices are Bxxxxx but they name their invoices Mxxxxx to indicate they are manual invoices.

    or maybe we are doing this wrong and should not use populate like we are?

    I have attached all the files the diagnostics would normally email you to this email, please see attachments. I have also attached a screenshot showing the audit log and an example of an invoice that was deleted


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    There has been no support reply to this forum post, could someone please respond?

    Thank You

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