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    How do I recover my Google account if I lost my android phone?
    Quick instructions to recover a Google account when the user has lost Android device

    Are you failing to access your Google account because of a lost Android device, and you believe that your account is at risk, then you can follow the quick instructions mentioned in this article and restore access to your Google account.

    Recovering Google account when the Android device is lost

    Before heading on with the Google Account Recovery process, the user who has linked the account with the device needs to follow these steps:

    Visit the https://accounts.google.com/Login page and sign-in to your Google account.
    Further, click on the lost phone and enable the lock and erase feature.

    After that, the user can follow the quick recovery steps mentioned below:

    To recover the Google account, the user needs to access the recovery page using a browser.
    Now, the user needs to mention the email or phone number used for accessing the account.
    Further, the user can mention the last password for the Google account to verify the account.
    And as the user has lost the Android device, they can opt for recovery via the security questions option.
    After that, the user can complete the verification procedure and create a new password for the Google account.
    Then, the user can use the new password for accessing the Google account services.

    Besides, to resolve queries on Google Account Recovery, the user can contact Google support to seek the required help to manage the account.

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