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    I have an issue regarding QuickBooks sync to MySQL.
    I am using a read-only version of opensync software.
    I am using MYSQL ODBC Driver 5.3.14 connector and Innmotion server to use MySQL.
    I got below error after 2 tables successfully sync in MySQL database.

    ErrorExit: [MySQL][ODBC 5.3(a) Driver][mysqld-5.5.5-10.2.32-MariaDB-log]MySQL server has gone away vbcrlf & (Please reconnect to your database server and try again.):-2147467259

    In the local server, it is working fine.
    can you please help how can I resolve this issue?

    Thank you.


    Yudel Rosales

    go to your local server where it is working fine and check on the control panel all the connector that you have installed. Make sure that you have the same connectors install on the computer that is giving you that error.



    Hello @yudel Rosales,

    I am using the same connector which is using in Local Server.
    the remote server connected successfully but after 2 table sync, the error occurred.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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