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    In QuickBooks I’m looking at a report Transaction Detail By Account. I have performed a sync to SQL for all of the tables required. In QB there is an amount in the credit column that is a General Journal entry. The account is called Management Fee. There is a split column in QB and for this entry it says -SPLIT-. If I drill into the entry I can see what makes up the amount in the report. I can see the Management Fee credit entry but then I see two other entries apparently associated with the Management Fee. These two entries are Debits and have a different account name. The problem is that I don’t know what ties these entries together and the query I build in SQL is off by those amounts. I query Debits and Credits by Account Name and since the account name is different it will not pull up the un associated debit amounts. So does anyone know what the “-SPLIT-” means and is this a clue that I need to bring in another table to find the associated entries in SQL? I attached some screen grabs for reference.


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    Tom Crawford

    The split means that the journal entry posted affected multiple accounts. You will need to query the journal entry and the associated line detail tables to find the accounts the entry was posted against.

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