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    Google maps is an innovative application introduced by Google to show directions to its users. It is very common that people travel to places and want to know how to reach certain destinations. And Google maps help in doing so. This application uses the device’s network and will start working smoothly.

    Not only direction but Google maps are also known to provide information on nearby restaurants, bars, cafes, service centres etc. This application has grown to become popular and continue to rule in the hearts of people. Known for its user-friendliness and easy interface this application continue to show directions to people.

    Although this application has turned to one of the favourites and most preferred application, the user may face some issues while working with it. And one of the most common yet crucial ones is Google maps not showing my location. If you are the one sailing the same boat and looking for a solution then you must read this article further.

    List of Factors That May Affect Google Maps Location

    Before jumping to troubleshoot the query, let us first discuss what are the reasons behind Google maps not finding the location correctly.

    Improper network

    GPS turned off.

    Wrong location input

    An updated version of a maps application

    Therefore, there might be many other reasons that may affect google maps.

    Troubleshooting Ways For Google Maps

    There might be any reason that may affect Google maps location not showing. And here are some ways to fix your issue.

    Method 1: Increasing GPS Accuracy

    In your device, go to settings and then proceed to “Location” option and check whether services are turned on.

    Select the option of “High Accuracy” in the mode option. This will be ensuring the exact location to be displayed.

    Method 2: Updating Google Maps and Services

    From the device, go to play store and then go to “My Apps and Games”.

    Update your maps application from there.

    Do you still have a concern? Then you may request to offer a solution from Google maps customer service which is available 24/7.

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